CS101 Introduction to Computing Quiz 4 Spring 2013

Which one is not a property of Mathematical functions in JavaScript?
Trinoo is a ____
The new jobs, created in the organization because of the computing, are ___________.
___________________ is a branch f computer science concerned with manipulating and enhancing computer graphics.
The Standard Inverse Trigonometric Function asin(x) returns _______.
____________________appear to be something interesting and harmless (e.g. a game) but when they are executed, results in destruction. (ans: Trojan horses)
Autonomous Web Agents are also known as _______Softbots__________
JavaScript was specifically designed for writing _____ Event-Driven programs ________ programs
What happened on 07 February 2000? (Ans: Yahoo servers were busy)
_____Reports_____________ are an effective, user-friendly way of presenting data