CS301 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 08 Feb 2012

Total Marks=80
Total questions=52
Short questions=12

QUESTIONS are here.

Q1.which proces places data at the back of the queue? 2

Q2.Give the name of two sorting algorithem that dont follow “divid ad conquer” strategy? 2

Q3.How a heap sort work to sort a set of data? 2

Q4.If data is in sorted order what will be its impact on find operation of table ADT? 2

Q5. Apply operation delMin on it and show the resultant heap? 3
Q.6 how many parameters are required for performing the following operations on table also tell name of these parameters.

2. find
3. remove

Q.7 How is an array of ten integer. 3

draw this array after the first iteration of main loop of insertion sort (sorting from smallest to largest).this iteration has shifted atleast one item in array.

Q.8 Here is a small binary tree 5

write the order of nodes visited in

A.an inorder traversal
B.a pre order traversal

Q.8 Show the steps of merge sort procedure applied to the following list 5


Q.9 consider the following heap 5