cs201 final paper feb 3

…..write general syntax of 2 way friend realtionship B/W the 2 classes(class 1 n class 2)

……write a code using setf() functionto display an integer value 4000 in a 15-digit feid by right justification.
……write a main function which creates two object of classes “my class” for int and double data types.
….write a program which defines a template function name Add() which add 2 values n return their sum.
…..write a peice of code which decalre matrix 3*3 n initialize all its location with 0.
…..decalre overloading insertion and extraction operation for the object d data type.
…write following eq. in C format. ¬†ax^3ay^2+bax^2y+a^3cx
…..three more question of coding