CS201 Introduction to Programming Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2012

Problem Statement:     You are required to write a program for storing the information regarding vehicles in objects. The information will consist of the name of vehicle maker company, model, year, and engine capacity.

Detailed Description:


  • Create a class named Vehicle which contains company, model, year, and engine capacity as data members.
  • The program should ask user to enter number of vehicles and create an array of same number of objects dynamically (usingnew operator).
  • Create a default constructor to initialize the data members of the class.
  • Write getters and setters for each class member.
  • Write a member function getInput() to take input from user for each data member of an object. Use setters in this function to assign user’s input to corresponding data members.
  • Also write a member function display() which will use getters to display the detail of all the objects as output.
  • You are required to de-allocate the memory allocated to all the objects in the array, using delete operator.
  • The message “Object deleted” should be displayed for each object in array when the memory allocated to them is de-allocated.


The sample output is attached with this assignment named Assignment3.gif.