CS201 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper 8 December 2012

Q write a code to open a file, file name is “myfile.txt”

Q write a structure whos name is Inventory etc 3marks

Q declare 2-dimentional array and then assign pointer to this array 2 marks

Q aik code diya tha us ka output batana tha ….strtok wala code tha for 5 marks

Q write a code which pass camand line argument to main and return integer 3 marks

Q if p and q are int pointer and n is integer then the followings are legal or illigal 5marks

1 p – q

2 p-n

3 q+n

4 q+ p

5 n +p  ( in mein yad nahi * ya / b hai tha ya ni)