CS201 VU Mid term Papers Spring May 2012

Q No: 1 Disk are ……. Divice having access time of …..millisecond. 1

Q No: 2 C is widely known as development language of ……operating. 1

Q No: 3 Codes the following coed segment, At with time number, error an occur. 1

1. Cont int x=10;

2. Inty =5;

3. Const int * ptr = 8x;

4. X + x ++;

Q No: 4 The keyword ….. is used to return some value from a function. 1

Q No: 5 let suppose

Union intor double {


Double chanrva;



{ intor double VZA;

Int size;

Size=size of (VZA);}

What will be the value of variable “size” if int occupies 4 bytes and double occupies 8 bytes?

Q No: 6 The value of x after evaluating the expression x=10+3*4/2-1 will be. 1

Q No: 7 In call by reference ……… of a variable is pass to call function. 1

Q No: 8 To assigned a value to character type variable are used around the value. 1

Q No 9 What will be the correct syntax for initialization of pointer ptr with string “programming”?

Q No 10 Which character is inserted at the end of string to indicate the end of string?

Q No 21 Why matrixes always start with 0 indexes? 2

Q No 22 Which bit of a number is a sign bit? 2

Q No 23 What do you know about the Stream? Define the types of stream. 3

Q No 24 What is Difference between Array and List? 3

Q No 25 What are the differences are similarities between Structures and Unions? 5