CS301 Data Structures Final Paper March 2014

40 mcq’s mostly from past papers:

4 question having 2 marks

4 question having 3 marks

4 questions having 5 marks

a code was given and i had to correct the error(2)

What is the 1st step of huffman encoding (3)

I had to write the frequency of the text “Huffman Encoding” (3)

[2    9     7    5    8] i had to sort it using insertion sort. (5)

an avl tree was given and i had to sort it after insertion of another digit. (5)

a min heap was given and i had to rearrange it after deletion of the digit at 1st postition. (5)

Properties of equivalent class. (3)

Second Paper:

my today’s paper

1: Differentiate following expression with the help of expression tree

f + d * s + b * m + t * n

(f + (d* s)) + (((b 8 m) +t)*n

2: sort the list [2 9 7 5 8]through insertion sort algrothim. show each step

3: evaluate the following post fix expression


4: describe any one uses of ‘heap”data structure.

5: what is table abstract data type.

6: what are the characteristics of a good hash function.