CS301 Data Structures GDB Solution Spring 2013


Suppose you are a game developer in a company and you have been given the task to develop a game which should fulfill all requirements mentioned below:

The game plots a bank robbery. Lots of people witness that robbery. Our game will load the lists of suspected offenders while the players (witnesses) will have to identify the offenders of this robbery. Game should load list of offenders to identify the one as quickly as possible. Admin can add/remove offenders in the lists and two or more lists of offenders can also be merged into one (to show it to the player). 

As a game developer, which data structure you will use to develop the game? Justify your selection with solid arguments. Remember the most critical requirement is that the list should load super fast.


BST is the best data structure. Reason is that it is the fastest data structure as compared to the other data structures

BST is used in many search applications where data is constantly entering/leaving,

. The reason that binary trees are used more often than n-ary trees for searching is that n-ary trees are more complex, but usually provide no real speed advantage.