CS301 Data Structures GDB Solution Spring 2014

GDB Scenario:

Consider V Mart shopping mall where lot of customers comes to shop different products and pay their bills on daily basis.  Quantities of products are changing regularly, incremented as they are stocked, searched and decremented (deleted) as they are sold. It is observed that insertion, deletion and search is in balanced form, as all modifications to the data need to be completed as soon as the items are sold to the customers or stocked in the store or searched.

The shopping mall also has registered customers. Number of new customers visit the shopping mall and get registered. The shopping Mall can renew registration, update status, and quit registration of the customers. Large number of customers gets registered on daily basis instead of get quitting registration. It is observed that insertion of new customers is greater than deletion and search operations.

GDB Questions:

Your job is to choose appropriate data structure for each of the above data (i.e. Products and Customers) keeping in view their given usage pattern. justify your choice with solid arguments.


Scenario 1 – As number of insertion, searching and deletion operation (of products) are same so you can choose either binary tree or hash function for its implementation.

Scenario 2 – As number of insertion is greater than searching and deletion (of customers) so you can choose either singly or doubly linked list for its implementation.