CS301 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 06 Feb 2012

1 Q tha k stack me postfin or infix kesy kam karty hai 5 marks
2 heapsort or array mil k kesy kth smallest value maloom karty hai 5 marks
3 number thy usy selection sort me karna tha 5 marks
4 numer thy usy kaha k binary search tree me kar k pta nai kia maloos kary us ki samjh nai i 5 marks
5 lenght() method maloom karna tha in query 3 marks
6 heap sort ki advantage 3 marks
7 searing in skip list method 3 marks
8 number thy usy merge array me karna tha 3 marks
9 what is ADT 2 marks
10 collision ka pocha tha k kesy hoti hai 2 marks
11 divide and conquer k elwa kn sa sort k method hai 2 marks
12 heapsort k bary me he tha Q bhol gya

Another Paper:

All MCQS from past papers and long questions Given below.

Q 41: Where is hashing suitable? 2 Marks
Q.42 When Hashing is not Suitable? 2 Marks
Q.43 Forgot 2 Marks
Q.44 Forgot 2 Marks
Q.45 How many parameters used in following operation? write their names,
0. Find,
1. Add
3. Remove 3 Marks
Q.46 Forgot
Q.49 Union by size tree formation, Assignment no4 was asked 5 Marks
Q.50 Code for Union and find operation in disjoints sets. 5Marks
Q.51 A function Hash(x) = (x*2)/ tablesize and is given index from 0 to 11, to find out the contents of tables of values in order 11, 29, 36, 22, 27 5Marks