CS301 VU Midterm Papers Spring May 2012

Total mcq’s 20 subjective 6 questions

most of the mcq’s were from past papers

1) cases of rotation
2)what is binary tree
3)make a binary tree as tall as it could be made “2, 5, 4, 6,7,9,8″
4)a code was given and we had to give the output
5)reference variable
6)inorder and preorder traversal.

 Another Paper:

total marks 40
20 mcqs
6 quests…2,3,and 5 marks 2 2 quests
mostly mcqs form past papers..
what are the applications of binary tree?2 marks
difference b/w BST and AVL tree?2 marks
one tree was given to delete root of it…and ask the other candidates for that root?3 marks
one three was given and one node was asked to insert in it…3 marks
one tree was given and asked to give post order and level order traversal…5 marks
and one AVL tree was asked to draw..5 marks

CS301 VU Midterm Current Papers Spring 2012 of Virtual University of Pakistan [May 2012]

mostly mcq,s from past paperz

what is different between recursive call and call by value?
How we can delete a node with two Childs in a binary search tree using its right sub tree.
Aur aik Q AVL main sy aya tha is this Avl tree ?
Which statement is correct left ,left right right the insertin occure outsise the single rotation can fix the balance yeh statement thek the