CS301 VU Midterm Papers Spring May 2012

20 MCQz
21. How is single rotation in Avl tree performed? 2
22. What is strictly binary tree and complete binary tree? 2
23. about choosing single/double rotation? 3
24. Code: Recursive call? 3
25. Delete nodes from BST? 5
26. Explanation about code? 5
(a).int x;
int * y = & x;
(b). int x;
int &y = x;
(c). int x;
int y = x;
Almost all mcqz from past quizzes.
In the __________methodology, a object is passed to the called function.
The expression AB+C* is called________
We access elements in AVL Tree in,___________
The nodes with no successor are called _________
A tree is an AVL tree if ____________
What will be the postfix notation of 5+6/2.
_____ is the stack characteristic but _______was implemented because of the size limitation of the array.
The next field in the last node in a singly-linked list is set to_____