CS302 Digital Logic Design Final Paper March 2014

Following are the questions.question are 2 marks,3 marks and 5 marks.
total 12 questions and 40 mcq’s:

(1)difference b\w truth table and next state table?
(2)how can we count the frequency of unknown signal?
(3)difference b\w combinational digital circuit and sequential circuit?
(4)a timing diagram is given and we analyze the diagram?
(5)Three types of error while converting Analogue signal into digital?
(6)a diagram is given and we told us to complete it?
(7)a diagram is given and we told which time of error in this?
(8)three characteristic of serial in serial out 4 bit right register?
(9)A next state table is given and by using state reduction we reduce the state?in bk page# 333 table 32.9a next state table(yah wala table tah

(10) A 4-bit serial in / parallel out shift register contains the value “0110”,who many clock signal(s) will be required to shift the value completely out of the register.

(11) the top value of stack is 5 and the bottom value is 6.if we do pop operation.whichvalue of stack wouldbe read?