CS302 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 08 Feb 2012

2 Marks
> Write down at least two applications of a shift register
> Function Table of 2-to-4 decoder
> What kind of devices uses the shift register based First in First out (FIFO) memory?
> Some of the counters (e.g. 74HC163) are called pre-set counters. Why?

3 Marks
Characteristics of Serial In/ Serial Out 4-bit left shift register
How many 16K x 1 RAMs are required to memory or word size 16K with a word length of 8- bit?
Draw the circuit of NAND based S-R Latch
You are given the block diagram of 74HC190 integrated circuit up/down counter, explain the function of labeled inputs/outputs.

5 Marks
> Simplify the Boolean Expression
> (A + B)(A + B’)
> (A + B)’(A’ + B’)’
> Define Memory Select or Enable Single.
> Briefly Describe address multiplexing in DRAM.
> Next state table of Mealy Machine (Show present Sate, Next State and Output)