CS302 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 11 Feb 2012

Write down the two applications of swift registers?
Differentiate between “1 to 4 Demultiplexer” and “2 to 4 binary decoder”?
Write down at least two applications of center circuit?
What is the difference between counter and a swift register?
What is meant by linear : digital to analog converters?
How can we convert a circuit having a active-high out put to a circuit having an active low output?
Drive the logical expressions following k-map of S-R based counter for input R_2?

Q_2 Q_1/Q_0 0 1
00 × ×
01 × 0
11 0 1
10 0 0

How do PROMS differ from ROM?
Convert the binary code 10100110 to gray code, also explain how have converted
Explain memory selected or Enable signals?

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Note: Jo questios mje yad wo ye hai
Q.No1.Simlify by Boolean Algebra A.B+ A.B.C.D (5 marks)
Q.No2.Covert 1011.101 to Binay system by any method writing all the steps.(3 marks)
Q,No.3How many states in 8-bit Johnson counter?(2 marks)
Q,No.Explain Rotate Right Operation of shift register with the help of Diagram?(3
Q.No:Write any two application of ROM?(2 Marks)
Q.No:s Write at least one device that converts Analog Signals into Digital signal or from digital to Analog?(2 Marks)
Note” MCQs asan the aur past papers me se aye the.