CS304 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2017

Problem Statement

Suppose XYZ is a fashion designing company. To attract more customers the company bought different types of latest sewing machines like lockstitch sewing machine, over edging machine and embroidery machine for their tailors. These machines are composed of different parts like hook gear, needle bar and main shaft. To protect these expensive sewing machines, company also bought sewing machine cases for the machines.

Objects present in the case study:

  1. Sewing Machine
  2. Customer
  3. Tailor
  4. Sewing Machine Case
  5. Hook Gear
  6. Needle bar
  7. Main Shaft
  8. Lockstitch Machine
  9. Over edging machine
  10. Embroidery machine

You have to draw an Object Model (class diagram) for the given problem statement.

Object Model must clearly show the relationship between objects.

Object state and behavior is not required to be mentioned at this point.

You have to use UML conventions to draw class diagram. The same has been followed in video lectures as well.

Note: You can use any drawing tool such as MS Visio, MS Paint or online drawing tool etc. but you have to paste your diagram in MS Word (.doc) file and submit this file on LMS. Images and any other format of file submitted as solution file will not be accepted.