CS304 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 11 Feb 2012

1- suppose there is a class Doctor with data member.Name Department and Doctor. you are required to write default copy constructor as well as deep copy constructor in order to initialize object and explain the difference with the help of main() function. only write up to constructor code and main() function 5 marks
2- what is random-iterator? what relation b/w random iterator and vector 5 marks
3- class complex {
double real,ing
overload the *= operator for the complex class by writting C++ code 3 marks
4- what is graceful termination method of error handling give its example using C++ 3 marks
5- pseudo code of non case sensitive comparision function of class 3 marks
6- two problems to check while overloading assignment operator ” = ” 2 marks
7- Can constructor through exception ? How to handle error 2 marks
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