CS304 Object Oriented Programming Final Paper March 2014

1) First line of class template 

2) First line of template function

3) A default constructor is a constructor that either has no parameters, or if it hasparameters, all the parameters have default values

4) if you define a vector v with the default constructor, and define another vector w with a one -argument constructor to a

size of 11, and insert 3 elements into each of these vectors with push_back(), then the size() member function will
return _____3_ for v and ___11__ for w

5) if a function is declared friend of template class than is friend of that particular class or all instance(s) of that class

6) Important: many mcqs were based on virtual function and template function and class template

3 numbers) Question about copies created in virtual inheritance and multiple inheritance

3 numbers) what are the advantages of iterator over cursor

5 number) write a code to make a simple member friend of a class template.