CS304 Object Oriented Programming GDB Solution Spring 2014

Suppose there are two software companies and both have been assigned same project but by two different types of users to develop small software for transport management system apparently with same requirements. In this system they have administrator, vehicles, and routes etc as actors. These actors have interaction with each other like Aggregation and Association. Both companies adopted different techniques (given below) to develop this software.
Company “A” developed this software without any UML diagram and without any documentation due to the size of project.
Company “B” adopted a different way and developed all UML diagrams and documentation for this project.
Both softwares are implemented and working properly in the field according to demand. In your opinion, which company will get long term benefits and which company gets short term benefits from above given scenario? Justify your answer with solid arguments.

Solution: In this scenario we can easily conclude that The company “B” will get long term benefit because the company is using UML and as well documentation and these factor in any software development have a great importance because; UML explains the concepts like business modeling, enterprise architecture and OOAD. To understand the UML model, one need not know detailed technical knowledge. As well there are many benefits of UML model some of those are: 1. You know exactly what you are getting 2. You have lower development costs 3. Your software will behave as you expect it to. 4. The right decisions are made before you are given poorly written code. Less overall costs We can develop more memory and processor efficient systems Without any UML diagrams and without any documentation only developers can understand the software of company” A” which decreases the reusability. And it will get short term benefits. So, as result we can say that the company “A” will get short term.



– Provides standard for software development.
– Reducing of costs to develop diagrams of UML using supporting tools.
– Development time is reduced.
– The past faced issues by the developers are no longer exists.
– Has large visual elements to construct and easy to follow.