CS304 VU Assignment No. 1 Spring 2012 Solution

In this course we are going to develop a “Song Library”, in which we have different types of songs from various artists of Pakistan. This application is accessed by two types of users:


2- Administrator

Listeners are the simple user with limited rights while on the other hand administrator has full rights. Listener can only play songs of different artists from different music categories. Administrator can play songs as well as make changes in library. They can add, delete, and update music items in various categories.  User will access Music Items of the application to play songs.

Music Items contains four types of music categories which are listed below:

1-      Folk Music

2-      Film Music

3-      POP Music

4-      Classic Music

Each of these categories has albums of various artist of Pakistan. These artists can be categories as Individual/solo artist or may be a musical group or band. Each album contains number of songs.

The tasks you have to do are:

  1. You have to identify the main entities (objects) for this system.
  2. You have to find out the relationships between these objects.
  3. You will have to find the necessary attributes and functions that need to be associated with each object to implement the functionality mentioned above.
  4. You will make a final comprehensive diagram showing all objects and their relations along with their attributes and functions.

Following are selected operations;

1-   Folk Music ;       Songs,      Artist

2-   Film Music:         Songs,       Artist

3-   POP Music:       Songs,  Artist

4-   Classic Music:       Songs,  Artist

Extract operations using domain knowledge.

  • View

–     Add

–     Remove

–     Group

–     Show

–     Select

–     Move

–     Delete

–     Play

–     Update