CS401 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 08 Feb 2012

Q – 1 How VESA organize 16 color bit for every pixel?
Q -2 How call instruction works?
Q -3 write the interrupt number which is used for BIOS disk services?
Q – 4 which registers are used by ‘’INT 21 – creat or truncate file ‘’ to read service number and file attributes?
Q – 5 write down the commands to assemble a program explain all of its parts/
Q -6 with refrence to the multitasking program ‘’TSR caller’’ write against each instruction what thy do ?
Mov al,[chars+bx]
Inc bx
Q -7 in what order the paranthess are passed to routines in C language?
Q – 8 how many types of user descriptor are used in 8088 architecture? Write down their names only?
Q – 9 how the value of stack pointer (sp) change after every push or pop instruction?
Q -10 write an assemble language program for drawing a line in graphis mod of video services.
Q -11 write the functionality of the following in IDTR PDL S
Q-12 write down the purpose of any five pins in DB-9 connector.