CS401 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper 8 December 2012

20 mcqs mostly new.4/5 from past papers

2 qs of 2 marks

1) a list was given and we have to select only bitwise operators

2) what will be the result of execution of the instruction of the instruction” LDS IS [BP +4]”?

2 qs of 3 marks

1) How many BYTES will be move by each of the following block of codes?

a) MOV cx,384 REP movsb

b) MOV cx,384 REP movsw

2) which instruction is used to swap the values?and what is the only limitation in this instruction?

2 qs of 5 marks

1) procedure about intrrupt

2)Replace the following invalid instruction with the single valid instruction
a. (a)mov IP
b. (b)mov IP,L5

c. sub sp, 2
mov [ss:sp], ax

Another Paper

1.two types of call?
2.Replace the following invalid instruction with the single valid instruction
a. (a)mov IP
b. (b)mov IP,L5
3.How 16-bit operations is different from 32-bit operation?
4.a program of subroutine with array(bubble sort) ?
5.write two prefixes for CMPS?
6.which instructions are used for insert and retrieve data from stack?

 Another Paper



1.If D is “35” is shift to left 2 bits the new value

► 35






2. REP will always

o Incremented CX by 1
o Incremented CX by 2
o Decremented CX by 1 (Page 92)
o Decremented CX by 2


3. The instruction ADC has________ Operand(s)

► 0

► 1

► 2 (Page 56)

► 3


4.Which bit of the attributes byte represents the blue component of foreground color

► 3

► 2

► 1

► 0


5. When a 32 bit number is divided by a 16 bit number, the quotient will be stored in

► AX (Page 85)

► BX

► CX

► DX

Short Question


 . How value of Ip Register is saved & updated when call. Instruction executed.

Answer: When Call instruction is executed the stack pointer (SP) is decremented by 2 and value of IP is pushed onto stack.

What are the instruction use by assembly language for permanent diversion and temporarily diversion?

Answer: The instructions for permanent diversion in 8088 are the jump instructions, while the instruction for temporary diversion is the CALL instruction


How 16-bit MUL operations is different from 32-bit MUL operation?

Answer: If the operands were 16bit the answer would be in 32bit anf if the if the operands were 32bit the answer would be 64bit. For declaration of 16 bit we use “dw” and for 32-bit we use “dd”.



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