CS401 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper 9 December 2012

All MCQs were from past papers.

Subjective part:

Q1. what does the following instruction do?                2 marks

xor di, di

Q2. write the procedure for clearing selective bit.        2 marks

Q3. Differentiate between REPE and REPNE. With which instruction these both prefixes are used?              3 marks

Q4. Which instructions in assembly language are used for temporarily diversion and permanent diversion?  3 marks

Q5. write prefixes for CMPS and write the reason to use them.              5 marks

Q6. what shifting operation we use for 16-bit multiplication by 2 and why?     5 marks

Another Paper:

20 mcqs(70% from past papers)

6 questions

Describe the bitwise logical operations…2marks

Describe  the PUSH Instruction…3 marks

From where does the contents of SL and DS registers are loaded as a result of execution of the instruction of the instruction” LDS SL [BP +4]”? (2 marks)



How 16-bit DIV operations is different from 32-bit DIV operation? 3marks


Explain the complete operation of Interrupt when it is generated.



Consider the following pseudo-code and the write the corresponding assembly code
for it. Note: There is more credit for a shorter code. 5 marks

If (al> Cl) AND (bl > al)

dx = 1

Another Paper

Q1:how 16 bit DIV is different from 32-bit DIV?  2masrks

Q2: give the syntax of mov  PUSH stack with the help of an example? 2 marks

Q3:Stack is working like LIFO discuss? 3 marks

Q4:give the working of string instructions on the block code of stack?  Marks 3

Q5:  write the code of call bubble sort subroutine to pass parameter on the stack? 5 marks

Q6:write the algorithm to write numbers in the assembly language programming? 5 marks