CS402 VU Assignment No. 4 Spring 2012 Solution

Question: Consider the following sequential circuit:

There are two points X and Y with respect to which the following four states of the machine are identified according to the presence and absence of current at these points:

q0(X=0, Y=0) = (0,0)

q1 (X=0, Y=1) = (0,1)

q2 (X=1, Y=0) = (1,0)

q3 (X=1, Y=1) = (1,1)


a. Write down the expressions to find out new X, new Y and output?

b. Calculate all the values of the respective transition table for a mealy machine?

c. Draw the resulting mealy machine from the transition table (calculated in step b)?

  • Smexompmaths

    same question

  • Malikji1979

    new y =old x