CS402 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper 9 December 2012

Paper CS402

Date 08-12-2012

Question No1:- Mark 2

Complementing machine along increment machine?


Question No 2:- Mark 2

Write RE for given NFA


Question No 3:- Mark 3

Write deference between Distinguishable and Indistinguishable?


Question No 4:- Mark 3

Construct NFA which not ending on a and b

Use minimum 3 states


Question No 5:- Mark 5

Write why FA deferent from NFA


Question No 6:- Mark 5

Write RE for given NFA

cs402 – midterm Fall 2012 complete paper(08-12-12)

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(i) how to know that to which language a certain RE represents.

(ii) NFA with null string is represted by…………… 1.NFA. lambda 2. NFA-lambda  3. NFAlambda

(iii) RE = ab* is ky agy is ka FA tha phir qustion tha  the FA accept all the strings except………….. 1. abab 2. abbb is tra k thy

(iv) 3 swal is tara k thy k FA ya TG bani hui hy aur banata hy yeh kis lanuage k liay hy . 4 op huty hain

(v) NFA given tha us ka FA bana tha

(vi) FA ginven tha closer ka NFA bana tha

mujy samjh nai a raha wo diagram yahan kaisy banao

(vii) 2 FA given thy ik FA construct karna tha

(viii) r1 = (a+b)*b  and r2 = (a+b)*aa(a+b)* the r1+r2 will be 4 op thy

(ix) wht is transition in FA.

(x) NFA is type of ………… 1.FA 2. GTG 3. TG 4. none