CS403 Assignment 1 Solution 2017

Question  (Marks:  10 +10)

 Consider that you are working as a database designer in a software company. Your company has given the project for developing an application for the Election Commission of Pakistan. The application would enable the citizen of Pakistan to cast vote through this application.  Keeping in view that a citizen of age 18 and more can cast the vote. At the voting day a ballot paper is allotted to voter which contains symbols of different political parties. The voter chooses a symbol of his/her own interest and mark it through stamp. At the end of the day presiding officer or the polling staff counts the votes and submitted the results to election commission of Pakistan. The Election Commission then announces the results publically and to the candidates.

The entire application is going to be developed in the broad perspective, However you are required to keep in view only the scenario (portion) whose details have mentioned above and perform the following tasks.

  1. Draw Context Diagram (Level 0 DFD) which depicts the above scenario.
  2. Identify Entities, their attributes, relationships among entities in above scenario and draw Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for it.