CS403 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2018


Trend of celebrating events in Pakistan is changing rapidly. People got more conscious about the event related arrangements. They spend more time, energy and money to make their events memorable and different from others. Event planners are hired to make events more organized, memorable and ostentatious. “Traditions” is a newly established event planning company.

“Traditions” covers weddings functions, birthday parties and corporate meetings. Customers have to get registered before placing order. Customer has to select the desired venue according to the category of function. Customer can select only a single venue for a function. Company is also offering other services like catering, stage decoration etc., for the events. Customers select the menu and catering while placing order. Menu has many food items.

The entire application is going to be developed in the broad perspective, However you are required to keep in view only the scenario (portion) whose details have mentioned above and perform the following tasks.

  • Identify Entities, their attributes, relationships among entities in above scenario and draw Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for it.