CS403 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2017

 Question:     (15 Marks)

A public sector hospital wants to automate its manual paper based operations to speed up the operations and facilitate its patients and staff members. For this purpose, they want to develop a database for their hospital management system to remove paper based records. Now, you are required to analyze the following scenario very carefully and draw an entity relationship diagram (ERD) for the given system by identifying entities, attributes and relationship among these entities.

A hospital consists of various specialized wards where each ward has its unique ID, name and capacity (total number of beds for patients in each ward). Multiple patients can be admitted in each ward on the recommendations of the doctor. Each doctor has a unique id, name, specialization and etc. Furthermore, a specialized team of doctors in each ward will take care of admitted patients and suggest treatment for the patients (such as medication, recommended tests, date of admission, and date of discharge). Each ward in the hospital will keep personal record of the patients such as (patient ID, patient name, CNIC, address). Along with personal record, complete treatment history of the patient will also be maintained by the system.

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