CS403 Database Management System VU Assignment No. 1 Fall 2012 Solution


In this course we are going to develop a complete physical database for “Trade Management System” that will computerize all the necessary Trade Management processes for a small business shop, BEST Mart. For this we will divide this whole project in small 4 to 5 assignment chunks and will try to cover every phase of database development life cycle from scratch to execution. Scenario for the Trade Management System is given below .

There exists a BEST Mart- a shopping centre, whose owner wants to computerize his business by developing Trade Management System. For this, owner hires a Database Administrator and put up a real world scenario and requirements as given below: Trade Management System permits users to proficiently initiate and evaluate the process of requirement for the BEST Mart. Procedure begins when a client comes to BEST Mart, selects the cart and place the things in cart and goes towards salesman. The salesman examines the code of each selected item. On entry system will display invoice with some details like name of the product, its related magnitude/quantity and total sales line items along with total bill. After placing order , client will ahead to accountant counter to pay bill.
Trade Management System will support both types of customers, Registered and Non -Register. For Registered customers it is necessary for system to check whether he/she is on credit bases or not. For non-registered customers, it must have to be registered only by the Owner of the BEST Mart. Information about number of creditors and debtor s are known by the accounts depart ment. System will show flexibility in a sense that it should accept all payment methods i.e. cash, credit and cash with credit. Same is the scenario with Administrator/Owner of BEST Mart to purchase items from different vendors on cash, credit or combination of two. The stock department and Sale department will need to generate reports about stock status sale in different time span.

Task Description:

This Assignment is starting phase and in this assignment you will focus only on t he
tasks given below:

1. You are required to identify all the processes in the system .
2. You are required to mention all the data stores in which data is stored .
3. Find out all the external entities interacting with the system
4. Create a Context level DFD
5. Create a level zero DFD
6. Crea te a detailed DFD of every process if needed

You have to perform all these steps give above in your solution file.


1. You are required to identify all the processes in the system:

The processes in the system are:

Client/ Customers comes to BEST Mart, Selects the Cart, Goes towards Card, Place the things in Cart, Examines the Code, Placing the Order, System displays invoice, Pays bill, To check, Information about NO.s of Creditors and debtors, Shows flexibility, Accept all payment methods, Purchase items by Owner, Sales report generate by Stock & Sales Department

2. You are required to mention all the data stores in which data is stored:

Data Stores: Cart, Entry System, checking, Invoice.

Data Flow: Invoices  show (total bill etc), Goes, Ahead towards Salesman, To credit bases or nor, Payment methods (accept), Show flexibility, Stock Status!!

3. Find out all the external entities interacting with the system:
External Entities: Customer/ Client, Accountant Counter, Owner /Administrator of the BEST Mart, Accountant Department, Creditors, Vendors, Stock and Sales Department!!!!!


Idea Diagrams

Context Level DFD


0 Level DFD