CS403 Database Management Systems Assignment 3 Solution Spring 2013


The objectives of this assignment are,

  1. Giving the idea of the most common tool used for designing database systems i.e. Data Flow Diagram. It is used to design systems graphically and expresses different details of system in different DFD levels.
  2. To become familiar with the flow of data between different processes and to hide complexities in any given system.



The top management of the university wants to computerize the university employee’s records for security reason. The security information system will comprise of three sub applications.


  1. Fingerprint system (deployed through a biometric device)
  2. Online Employee Record Management (ERM) that will be a web based application deployed on a central server and access able through LAN
  3. Live Activity Monitoring System (LAMS) deployed through security camera (CCTVs) installed on various location in university premises.


Detail of each application is given below:

Fingerprint system:

To achieve this task the management wants to fix an automated fingerprint identification system for employee’s attendance. This system automatically matches fingerprints against a database of known prints. Attendance system uses biometrics to guarantee the accuracy in reporting. Attendance system works by having an employee place their finger on a small scanner upon entering and exiting the office, the attendance record is stored in the database. This information can later be checked by the management to track the employee’s check in, checkout times and location as well.

Online ERM:

To guarantee security, the employee’s are provided with a web account. Employees are provided with the user name and password so that no one can access his / her record. Using their account, employees can mark attendance, apply for leave, apply for loan, manage his/her bank account or see salary slip. Employee can also generate a new password by using the “Forgot your password?” link on the login page.

Live Activity Monitoring System (LAMS):

To better enhance the security system, management wants to install the security cameras to monitor the employee’s activities more closely, to keep an eye on precious assets and properties of the university. With the help of security cameras unauthorized and illegal activities are controlled. The security cameras capture images and record videos. These records are stored in the database.  The management can view all the details about their employees at any time to monitor the productivity and job related skills of employees. Further than case use the information to ensure that he/she might not indulge in any immoral activities.

Note that all the three applications share a central database (as shown in figure-1), deployed on a dedicated database server.


Task Description:

 Task-1: [Marks: 10]

You are required to pick one super type/subtype relationship from the above given scenario. Show what type of constraint (Total completeness or partial completeness) exists in the given super type/subtype relationship. Draw the corresponding diagram showing entities, their attributes and relationship.


Super type/subtype relationship and diagram is given below

As by understanding the assignment scenario and given entities in assignments solution 2 I came to this relationship. If you see scenario then we came to point that all three systems need one thing employee data (Bio data).So this seems to have a main system from which three distinct separate systems designed, each have its own unique data along with employee data get from parent. Other thing is that since management can check the output of each system (3 main systems) so it is also better to associate management with parent which by default will inherit to sub child systems.

This is total completeness as our required system needs three subsystem or all the possible entities of the given parent system exist.

cs403 assignment 3 solution

Task-2: [Marks 10]

Draw cross reference matrix of reports (atleast three) along with their attributes from the above given scenario. 

Note: In Task 2 you have to draw cross reference matrix for atleast three we reports.


Attendance Report Illegal Activates Report Skills Report Salary Slip Loan Request











Capture image

Recording video