CS403 Database Management Systems Assignment 4 Solution Fall 2012

Important things to consider before doing this assignment:

Till now you have completed your conceptual design, logical design and then started physical design. Your physical design is incomplete yet. In this assignment you will work to complete your physical design of database.
This assignment is the continuation of the third assignment. You have to consider the same case study of Best Mart System also provided below. You had created a database with your student ID in assignment 3. You will use the same database, and populate it. Your database name should be same as your student ID, as it was in the third assignment; otherwise you will lose your marks.
You will use DML (Data manipulation Language) to populate tables and perform different tasks.

Task Description:

In this assignment you will focus only on the tasks given below:

Populate all of your tables which you have created in assignment 3 by using INSERT statement. You should insert at least 3 records in each table.
Apply foreign key constraint on all those tables which have foreign key in the ERD of BEST Mart system by using ALTER table command.
Sort the output of “SALE” table in ascending order based on CustomerID and InvoiceNumber.
Count number of rows from “Purchase” table in which discount is greater than 10.
You have to send screenshots of every step of your work in a MS Word (.doc) file.

Note: Use all concepts and techniques you have studied so far discussed particularly in lectures 28 to onwards.

ERD of BEST Mart System