CS403 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 13 Feb 2012

Marks 2
· Difference between Commit and Rollback
· Commonality between RAID technology and Tape Drive
· Read the statement if incorrect rewrite in correct form
“Hashing provides slow, time consuming data retrieve from sequential files”.
· How do you explain Cross Reference Matrix?

Marks 3
· Explain Redundant Data. How Data Redundancy work in sequence file.
· State the basic difference between Inner join and Left Outer Join.
· Give one example of Deadlock.
· Create unique index on “IndexNum” on Cust_Name attribute of Customer table

Marks 5
· Relate column 1 with column 2
Column 1 Column 2
1. Sigma A. Procedural DML lang
2. Table B. Project operator
3. Relational Algebra C. Select operator
4. П D. Relational Data Model
5. Intersection operator E. Binary operation
· Crater a VIEW INSTRUCTOR_LIST which shows the list of instructor table with Inst_Nam and City of these instructors belong to ISLAMABAD or KARACHI.
INSTRUCTOR (Inst_ID, Imst_Name, City)
· If a table 1 and table 2 have same entity and the table 1 is 20 index and the table 2 14 index. Then the sequential file access use these operations (Insertion, updation or selection) on both table. Keep in mind the above scenario and mark the below given statements correct or incorrect.

I. Insertion in table 1 take greater time than table 2
II. Updation in table 2 take greater time then table 1
III. Retrieving a record from table 1 take lesser time than table 2.
· Analyze the below given statements and mark as correct and incorrect and also explain.
1. Deadlock occurs when one transaction wants to read more than on object at same time.
2. The mechanism “Wait for Graph” is used to apply join on multiple.