CS403 GDB Solution Feb 2015

The University of Texas is going to develop an application for its Alumnae Association as recently it has acquired a state of the art data center. The information may be like student name its region or current location of residence since it has a large record of Alumnae in manual form. Which indexing technique will be must faster for search of records form the following given indexing techniques, while having minimal usage of computational resources of the data center? Justify your answer with proper reasoning.

  • Dense Indexing
  • Sparse Indexing

Solution: Sparse Indexing will be used.

  • Index records are created only for some of the records.
  • To locate a record, we find the index record with the largest search key value less than or equal to the search key value we are looking for.
  • We start at that record pointed to by the index record, and proceed along the pointers in the file (that is, sequentially) until we find the desired record.