CS403 VU Assignment No. 1 Spring 2012 Solution

The explanation of these three systems is given below,

  1. Content Management System:

Our content management system provides students course contents that are accessible online. It will be implemented in the form of lessons for each course and each lesson will have different types of contents like online html contents, PowerPoint slides, and PDF handouts.

  1. Assignment Submission System:

Our online assignment submission system will enable the student to download / upload their assignments.

  1. Moderated Discussion Board System:

Our Moderated Discussion Board System will enable the students to post their lecture related queries related to each lesson on online discussion board. It will also have a graded Moderated Discussion board feature that will have certain weight age and will be marked.

The tasks you have to do are:

  1. You have to identify the main Entities for this system.
  2. You have to find out the Attributes of these Entities.
  3. You will have to find the Relationship among those Entities.
  4. You will make a final comprehensive diagram consisting of all Entities, Attributes and their relationships along with their respective Primary Key.

Content Management System

Assignment Submission System

Moderated Discussion Board System