CS403 VU Current Final Paper Spring July 2012

Paper1 :

Q1: write down the alternative name of browser base form? 2 marks

Q2: Different classification of indexes? 2 Marks

Q3: List down any two problems which may come up if the concurrency is not controlled properly? 2 marks ( handout page 307)

Q4: In three schema architecture, External schema is responsible for data storage on hard disk. Correct and justify it. 3 marks

Q5: Create view named “Product_list” on product table which will show all the columns? 3 marks

Q6: Describe the importance of Data link properties tool in designing form by using MS Access? 3 marks

Q7: In recovery procedure, transaction ended before the check points are redone. Correct it and justify? 3 marks

Q8: Draw cross Reference matrix? 5 marks diagram was given

Q9: Deadlock is a serious threat for the concurrent transaction; shortly explain the approach which is used to detect the deadlock by DBMS? 5 marks

Q10: Rehashing is better than chaining in term of time. (Rehashing and chaining collision resolution technique in hashing). Justify it ? 5 Marks

Paper 2:

Q.1:If a company can not compromise on data access time. which file processing technique you’ll suggest in this case.

Q.2: difference b/w semi join & natural join.

Q.3: if table 1 has 20 indexes & table 2 has 14. both have same data & values. three statements were given to choose correct or incorrect b/w the tables.

q.4: statement: text based interfaces include more tables than GUI. justify it as true.

q.5: a table can have more than one clustered index . if true justify it.

q.6: semi join sql coding & 2 tables were given & you have to calculate resultant table.

q.7: what does SELECT keyword in sql?

q.8: A view have to created & a student table was given. in view you have to collect all st.ID which in ascending order where city=something.

& 40 mcq’s were given.
paper 3:

find Cartesian product from given?


create index of following query?


draw cross reference matrix of following?


different statements which is correct and which is incorrect?



3 marks question


one to one relationship





what is the common disadvantages of indexes and materialized views?


create alter statement of following




2 marks questions


what is the purpose of AND OPERATOR?


what is the purpose of OR OPERATOR?





Paper 4:

  1. What is diff b/w database and dbms?    2 Mark
  2. What is the purpose of OR OPERATOR?    2 Mark
  3. Write any two similarities between matererialized views and indexs?


  1. Ak organization store karti hai data or wo uske lye tape use nae karti or baten ke storage ke lye kia behtr hogai for direct acess

3 Marks


1. State the basic difference between Inner join and Left Outer Join. . 3 marks

2. In recovery procedure, transaction ended before the check points are redone. Correct it and justify? 3 marks

3. Rehashing is better than chaining in term of time. (Rehashing and chaining collision resolution technique in hashing). Justify it ? 3 Mark

4. a table is given and btana tha kun sa worst hai good hai and average hai according to time….1st one tha linear piping shayad,, 2nd chaining and 3rd rehasing? 3 Marks


5 Marks


1. Analyze the below given statements and mark as correct and incorrect and also explain. (Marks 5)

1. Deadlock occurs when one transaction wants to read more than on object at same time.

2. The mechanism ―Wait for Graph‖ is used to apply join on multiple.


2. Given two tables DOCTOR (D_ID,D_CONTACT) , MEDICINE(M- CODE, Description) (i) Create unique index DOCTOR on D_ID on field

(ii)Create unique index MEDICINE on composite M-CODE, Description


  1. ERD digram banai thin yeh bhi 5 marks ka tha
  2. Table diye hoe thae r btana tha kun sa join hai….

Paper 5

Q1 . Match the Values from  two  Table . (5marks)

Log file                                      transactional File

Index                                          Direct File organization

Index+ data

Indexed Sequential file                Both File Accessing

Q2 . Linear Probling  , Chaining , Rehasing was fiven in Table .Do Comments & discuss that,these all how much efficient according to Time .(5 marks)

Q3. What is deadlock , Explain about its detection technique (3 marks )

Q4. Organization want to make its new interface ,According to Colour Screen , Audio , Webbased browser, Text , Display .Explain which interface would be Used ? (5 marks )

Q5. student and course entities and their attribute was given with Many to Many Relation .Question Was to Mapping these entities , and their attribute. (5 marks )

Q6. If user want to insert 15 attributes in a Form  .But MS ACCESS allowed 10 Attribute in one Form.What will be the salution for this situation (3 Mrks )

Q7.How view Help In Security..marks (2 marks )

Q8 . Make a view On Drop .. (3 marks)

Q9.Question About Normal Form  (2 marks)

Paper 6:

MCQ’s were from past papers

-why OR operator is important in SQL commands(2 marks)

-match the columns(2 marks)

theta joints

semi joints

full joint

aik koi operator tha

-SQL command k through aik Table mai 10 fields thi 3 aur Insert kerni thi.a senerio was given(3 marks)

-a senerio was given to use CREATE UNIQUE INDEX sql command (3 marks)

-3 marks k 2 question thy jin mai justify kerna tha

-overflow area is better then chaining

-5 marks k 2 questions thy jin mai 4 statements ko justify kerna tha


-checking poiny

-recovery procedure

-a senerio was given.some tools were given for differnt entities.we were suppose to match them(5 marks)