CS403 VU Solved Quiz No. 2 Spring 2012

1- Unary Operation involve
Ans = one Operation only

2- Binary relationships are those, which are established between
Ans = Two operation only

3- If A -> B and A -> C, then A -> BC The Inference Rule applies is
Ans Argumentation

4- multivalued attribute are
Ans Bank account Balance

5- In “One to Many” cardinality one instance of a relation is mapped with One instance of second entity type
Ans Second Entity Type

6- Which of the following might be represented with a single-valued attribute
Ans computer’s processor speed

7- Relational Calculus is a _____________ relational data manipulation language
Ans I dont know Confirm answer of that i put procedural and formal

8- In an ERD, the focus is on the ____ and the relationships between them.
Ans Entites (NOt Sure for that)