CS408 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2017

Semester Fall 2017
Human Computer Interaction – CS408


The last Date for submitting/uploading your Assignment is November 13, 2017.

Rules for Marking

It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:

  • The assignment is submitted after due date.
  • The submitted assignment does not open or file corrupt.
  • No assignment will be accepted via E-mail.
  • The assignment is copied.

Total marks for assignment: 25

Question No. 1: 15 marks

  • Part (a): 5 marks
  • Part (b): 5 marks
  • Part (c): 5 marks

Question No. 2: 10 marks



This assignment has been designed so that you understand the concept of:

·       Identifying roles of input/output channels in Human Computer Interaction

  •  Identify problem space using problem space theory
  • Solving problems according to the heuristic of Mean End Analysis (MEA)

Assignment Brief

Question No. 1:

Consider the following scenario:

“Currency Recognition System (a mobile application) is needed for blind users to recognize the currency note (i.e. either the currency note is of 10 rupees or 50 rupees).”

You are required to:

a)       Choose a suitable combination of input and output devices to best support the

       intended interaction.

       b)   What should be the features of the input and output devices that help the blind people

             to work on the given system?

c)       Explain the major problems that the input and output devices solve.

Note: You are supposed to describe at least one input and one output device for the intended interaction.

You are required to fill up the solution table and send it as the solution of your assignment.


Solution Table:


Intended Interaction:   Currency Recognition System for blind users

Device Name             Features Solved





Input Device(s)





Output Device(s)



Question No.2:

Problem:  Buying HP Elite Book from a laptop shop                                   [10 marks]

Note: Assuming the laptop shop has different sections related to different types of laptops.

The payment should be made either through credit card or through cash.

You are required to identify the problem space of the problem using the problem space theory and MEA.

Following are the steps to identify and solve the problem space with the help of MEA:

  1. 1.      Determine initial state and goal state
  2. Identify difference between initial state and goal state
  3. 3.      Write possible operators or actions to perform for solving the problems
  4. 4.      Mention which of the given possible solutions, you choose
  5. 5.      Write goals and sub-goals while giving solution to the problems