CS408 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2018

Assignment                                                 [Max Marks: 15]


The objective of this assignment is to:

  • Enable you to define usability and user experience goals.


Find Samsung Galaxy Tab 37.0 and Lenovo Tab 7 Essential. Examine how they have been designed, paying particular attention to how the user is meant to interact with them.

  • From your initial impressions, make a note of what first comes to mind as to what is good or bad about the way the devices work. The range of tasks a typical user would want to do using them. Compare both devices and tell which of the devices can’t fulfill the user requirements and what are those requirements?
  • Based on your study, compile your own set of usability and user experience goals that you think will be useful in evaluating the device. Decide which are the most important ones and why.
  • Translate the core usability and user experience goals you have selected in two or three questions. Then use these questions to assess your device (sample questions: what mechanisms have been used to ensure safety? Is it fun to use, etc.).