CS408 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2017

Q: 1. Classify the following guidelines as principles or design rules: [10]

o    Always issue a “warning” message to the user before deleting a file.

o    Allow query in depth.

o    Provide a “RESET” command.

o    Design for user growth.

o    Adapt to different user levels and styles.

o    Ensure ease of understanding.

o    Give appropriate quantity of response.

o    Display the ‘quit’ button in the bottom left-hand quarter of screen.

o    Always issue a “warning” message to the user before closing the file.

o    Ensure the visibility to the user.

Q: 2. You have a prototype for an event reservation system to be used by potential event-attenders to reduce queues at the ticket booth. [10]

Identify the following with respect to evaluation techniques and methods:

  1. The participants.
  2. The technique used.
  3. Representative tasks to be examined.
  4. Measurements that would be appropriate.
  5. An outline plan for carrying out the evaluation.


o     Assignment should be in your own wordings not copied from net, handouts or books.

o     Your answer should be “to the point” and not more than 3 to 4 lines.