CS408 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 08 Feb 2012

52 questions out of which

40 MCQs some from past papers most were new

i think 3/4 were of 5 marks

4 were of 2 marks and 3/4 were of 3 marks

subjective questions were conceptual, Ratta System will not work.

wearable computers

controlled vocabulary

uses of disks


Usability Test

Trunk Test

navigation related questions were there

Q: 1 Imagine you are an interface designer in well known software house. While designing an interface what are the important points that you take care keenly with respect to alignment of visual elements? Marks[5]

Q: 2 Suppose you are a system analyst in a well reputed software house. There your job specifications are to identify the problem, analyze the existing system and understand user need in order to propose a solution. You collect data though observation, taking notes and use camera. Describe what the use of notes is and still cameras in data collection process? Marks[5]