CS408 Human Computer Interaction Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013


Consider a fully automatic Car System, which is used by the user in order to perform different tasks related to car usage. Let’s take some part of this system for our assignment in which driver uses only three modules i.e. “open the appropriate door”, “start the car” “switch off car” and finally “close the door”.

For a moment, let’s suppose there is a naïve user of this fully automated car system, who wants to go through this whole process. He has a remote control in his hand. Remote control consists of control panel. Every button in control panel has some specific functionality, where numbers of buttons are displayed labeled; “1”, “2”, “3” , “4” along with “Door Open” &Door close”, “Switch on” & Switch off” etc. In another panel guidelines are given about how to handle the Car.

Before going through all discussed stages of this system, he focuses on the remote control buttons and press “1” then presses another button, “Door open”, he finds that the driving seat door has opened up. He sits there and press “Door Close” button. Then, he again thinks for a moment and press “Switch on” button to start the car. He finds that car in now in active state (started). He drives the car and after some time reaches at desired location. Finally he presses “Switch off” button to deactivate (switch off) the car. He again opens up respective door by following the same process as discussed above and comes out of the car.


Map the human processor model and all its parts (Components) that come into play, on above scenario.