CS408 Human Computer Interaction Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2012

In latest computerized Digital cameras there are many advanced features like, Zoom in/out, flashing & LCD display screen, Self-Timer mode having multiple options given below and many more;


  • Capture: To capture your images, and set camera options using the LCD menus.
  • Review: To review the images you’ve captured, and edit and organize the images.
  • Connect: To connect the camera to a computer for downloading your images.
  • Info: To view information specific to the camera.
  • Album Menu: Allows you to organize and store images to in-camera albums on the memory card.
  • Auto: Automatically adjusts the white balance setting based on the scene being shot. (This is the default setting.)
  • Daylight: Adjusts the white balance for natural, neutral daylight lighting.
  • Fluorescent: Adjusts the white balance for images captured under fluorescent lighting to remove the greenish tint that sometimes occurs.
  • Tungsten: Adjusts the white balance for images captured under tungsten lighting to remove the reddish-orange tint that sometimes occurs.
  • Off: Applies no white-balance adjustment.
  • External Flash: Allows you to disable the camera’s flash and use the external flash sync to provide the flash.


In such cameras, user interface needs lots of screens, buttons and menu options to manage all above functionality. Few have created a very clear series of screens, menus and buttons to control the camera, but the result is still a “deep interface” that can take a lot of time and complexity to navigate different functions.


Propose and suggest an interface for a computerized digital camera that cover a variety of users (Children, Old, Young, Special people) and can lead to a good user experience.

 Solution: Usually products are make for expert’s users but in reality users of the products are not an expert that’s why products are flopped and not liked by the users. There are three types of users:

1. Beginners
2. intermediates
3. experts
Now keeping the asked question in my mind, I suggest an interface for a computerized digital camera that covers a variety of users (Children, Old, Young, Special people)  according to my own observations.Nowadays, engineers and designers are making products which have much functionality but when a user interacts with these products, he cannot get his desired results. People faced many issues during interaction with computer based products. The main cause is that the engineers are thinking about their engineering and technical point of view during making a product. On the other hand, users are less knowledgeable, so they face many problems in using a product.
For example, present digital cameras have much functionality, but user cannot use them
easily. Some days ago one of my friends bought a very expensive digital camera with
different features. It has a beautiful user interface where a big LCD, flash and many menu
related buttons are presents. He told me that when he switches on this camera it shows a
lot of functions on his display and I cannot search my desire function easily. He was
thinking this is not a good quality camera and I lose my money. But reality was not this,
it was a good quality camera but its user interface was not easily understandable.
So, when we talk about user’s point of view, that product is a good product which not
only has much functionality but also can use very easily.
Being a student, when I make a computerized digital camera interface, I shall divide its inter face into four user level:
1. Children level (age upto 10 years)
2. young level
3. Old people level
4. Special people levelIts GUI is like as, when somebody switched on it, a message will be display on the LCD
of camera “Please Select your Level”. Press,
1. for beginner
2. for intermediate
3. for expert
And when some body will select his level, features which prepared for his level will
enabled in camera and the other level features will disable.
Now I will explain it further, a camera has many features, mostly discussed in
assignment. In which mostly are auto. For example, in sunlight flash system disable
automatically etc. So, for the beginner level simple features will enable. Camera will be
on auto mode and all his functions will work automatically. And a beginner user will
easily capture photograph, make movie, see the next and previous picture and will also
view the images and movies from storage.
Similarly, for the intermediate users some more functions will enable. And for the expert
user all its functionality will enable.
I hope in this way users of this camera will be happy and they can use it very easily.
At the end, the goals are a key to success and not the features. The engineers and the
developers often think if they add more features, their product will be successful but
realty is a product will be successful if user satisfied otherwise product will declined and
will not like by the users.