CS408 Human Computer Interaction Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2014

Q.1      What are the two aspects of Action Cycle with respect to Human actions? Briefly explain each one of them. Also give pictorial representation of Action cycle.                                                                          3+2

Q.2 In the science of cognitive psychology the term of “mental models” has been explained by Johnson-Laird. Describe Johnson’s mental model in your own words. Also describe the difference between an image and mental model with respect to Johnson-Laird mental model.                                                                       2.5 +2.5

Q.3 Consider a scenario in which a student of CA appears in the exams for the first time and he got fail. Second time he also tried but again failed. Now he thought that it is impossible for him to pass the CA examination. Which self blaming type can be applied to that student and what will be effects of that self blaming.     2.5+ 2.5