CS408 Human Computer Interaction Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2013


Suppose you are a web designer, you are given task to improve the navigation in a Virtual University based website “www.vu.edu.pk.”.Suppose your company decides that Virtual University website has poor usability due to its poor navigation. What most effective action will you take to improve navigation?

You are required to do the work in the following way:

Take any two websites those used effective navigation like Amazon.com/ EBay’s.com / Google.com. Then, compare and suggest what must be done to improve the navigation of www.vu.edu.pk..


Note: Comparison should be given in tabular form in a precise and to the point. There should be four columns in a table with titles of each column (Amazon, EBay/Google, Virtual University website, suggestion/improvement) respectively.


1. Where’s the Search box?

2. Poor Readability & Legibility.

3. Unorganized Content Layout.

4. Bad Navigation.

5. Inconsistent Interface Design.

6. Unfriendly Screen Resolution.

7. Complicated Registration Forms.

8. Unscrupulous Use of Images/Animations.

9. Cluttered Pages, More White space.

10. No Background Music, Please!

11. Test, Test and Test.

These are main 11 things to keep in mind when developing a website.

Now discuss and compare what are the suggestions and improvement required to improve www.vu.edu.pk with respect to www.google.com , www.ebay.com and amazon.com