CS408 Human Computer Interaction Assignment 4 Solution Fall 2012

A multinational Software developer and consultancy provider company named SOFTECH is providing good usability software for better satisfaction of its users that in turn earns trust of users and return on investment.
A Director IT department of a Telecom Vendor company wants a software application for its IT department and Customer serving calls centers. In order to achieve this, he visits SOFTECH and delivers software application requirements to SOFTECH’s software engineer.

Following are the requirements for the software application:

a) An e-mail application, dominating full screen mode for long period of time, with task/contact manager and calendar.

b) Automatic call distribution programs that do even distribution of incoming calls to teams of representative customer-service center which are trained either to take orders or provide support.

c) A browser that facilitate searching, navigation and audio streaming.

d) An anti virus / virus scanner application.


By looking at the above mentioned requirements by the Director IT of a telecom company, you have to identify the software postures for the above applications and briefly explain them with examples.