CS408 Human Computer Interaction Final Paper 23 February 2013

Total Questions: 52
Total Marks: 80
Total MCQs: 40 (Each of 1 Mark)
Total Short Questions: 4 (Each of 2 Mark)
Total Short Questions: 4 (Each of 3 Mark)
Total Long Questions: 4 (Each of 5 Mark)
Q. It has been observed that most computer users use menu option for input instead of keyboard accelerator. What is the reason behind it? (2 Marks)
Q. Define active intervention. (2 Marks)
Q. What is Ubiquitous Computing? (2 Marks)
Q. Which display device is very cheap and has fast enough response time for rapid animation with high color compatibility? (2 Marks)
Q. By breakdown Skelton plane into its component elements then how all piece fit together to create this as whole user experience? (3 Marks)
Q. Explain Meta data in term of data processing. (3 Marks)
Q. Suppose you are a system analyst, with your work experience, briefly describe when it is useful to observe in contrast to observation process? (3 Marks)
Q. Describe any five usability goals of Internet Explorer. (5 Marks)
Q. When observation is useful and how to observe? (5 Marks)
Q. Difference between Semi-structure interview and focus group interview. (5 Marks)