CS408 Human Computer Interaction Final Paper March 2014

Mostly were new some from past paper
Q1- Excise error
Q2-Uniqutus computing
Q3-Scenario given tha ios ka answer dana tha
Q4- why we feed the finding when we get back into design analysis
q5- feedback from line and like what kind of that evaluation paradigm describe
q6-global navigation wala tha
q7-as a product developer u gather a data for requirenment
q8-as a designer what u can check before sending the product in market < kuch asa tha sahie main yad nhi
bakie scenario thay or ion ka batana tha u can say that paper was conceptual.

Second Paper:

  • Write two important arguments for making file design model. 2marks
  • What are “About boxes” and why we used them? 2marks
  • a scenario was given and we have to told which retrieval method should be the best for finding a red cover book from computer. 3marks
  • scenario was given and we have to told three evaluation goals for making a good internet webpage. 3marks
  • how would you know that “You are here” on a website. 2 marks
  • you are going to develop a HCI abc.com and confused which technique would be useful in this matter. Your one of friend suggests you to use ‘Signposts’ in this case. Describe signposts in this scenario. 5marks
  • explain the first problem occur in Carrol’s method. 5marks
  • a scenario was given and you have to told appropriate planes according to that. 5 marks
  • difference between semi-structured and focus group interview. 5marks
  • a scenario was given and being a analyst, we should have to told global navigation. 3marks
  • a scenario was given and attributes of navigation according to the scenario, we have to explain these navigation. 5marks