CS408 VU Assignment No. 2 Spring 2012 Solution

ü  Map the extended Human processing model on ATM (Automatic teller Machine) in your words.

Design the software to support a computerized banking network including both human cashiers and automatic teller machines (ATMs) to be shared by a consortium of banks. Each bank provides its own computer to maintain its own accounts and process transactions against them. Cashier stations are owned by individual banks and communicate directly with their own banks computers. Human cashiers enter account and transaction data. Automatic teller machines communicate with a central computer which clears transactions with the appropriate banks. An automatic teller machine accepts a cash card, interacts with the user, communicates with the central system to carry out the transaction, dispenses cash, and prints receipts. The system requires appropriate record-keeping and security provisions. The system must handle concurrent accesses to the same account correctly. The banks will provide their own software for their own computers; you are to design the software for the ATMs and the network. The cost of the shared system will be apportioned to the banks according to the number of customers with cash cards.

ü  Why card is ejected before the transaction amount provided to user? Justify your answer in context of memory.

ü  What can be the possible steps taken to focus the attention of the user during using ATM.

Focus your attention on ATM screen and take due care in the selection ofbuttons (touch the parallel area in case the screen is sensor one) to ensure theexecution of desired transaction / funds transfer. Before pressing / touchingthe keyboard button enter the required information cautiously. If you pressed /touched wrong button then transaction reversal is not possible

ü  Suggest a conceptual model with more advanced features to the handicap users (i.e. Blind ) 


ü  Suggest some other authentication mechanism other than entering pin code.

Finger expression, signatures

ü  Highlight the disadvantages of poor understanding about the ATM system.