CS410 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 13 Feb 2012

52 Questions
40 MCQs
Which one of the following statements is not true?
GDI is responsible for displaying text on the display devices

Kernel is responsible for thread synchronization
GDI is device dependent
Kernel is responsible for virtual memory management

When you press a key from keyboard, _______ message is sent to your application’s message queue.

Which of the following functions are used to create Modal Dialogs?

Windows operating system is safer than DOS because:
Programmer does not have exclusive control over machine
It allows multitasking
It is a message driven OS
It supports 32 bit programming

What is Synchronization Object? (2 marks)
Write following statement in words:

const char * ptr = buff. (2 marks)

Briefly define Repeat Count? (2 marks)
Define property sheet? (2 marks)

Breifly explain “Stock Objects”. How an application gets handle to Stock Object? (3 marks)
Differentiate GetAsyncKeyState() and GetKeyState() functions? (3 marks)

Explain “Resource Only DLLs”. (3 marks)
Define Mutex Object and why it is used? (3 marks)

Suppose an application has a window and 2 menu resources, one is IDM_MENU1 and second is IDM_MENU2. While registering the
window class in this application, we make IDM_MENU1 the class menu. Now, we have 2 scenarios:
We give the menu handle of IDM_MENU2 during creating the window.
We give NULL as the menu during creating the window.
You have to tell which menu will be associated to the window in both cases. (5 marks)

How can I return multiple values from a function? Illustrate the concept using C++ code (5 marks)
I’ve allocated a console in my GUI program. When I try to close the console window, it hangs around for a while. Why? (5 marks)