CS501 Advance Computer Architecture Final Paper March 2014

Total Questions: 52

Total Marks: 80

Total MCQs: 40 (Each of 1 Mark)

Total Short Questions: 4 (Each of 2 Mark)

Total Short Questions: 4 (Each of 3 Mark)

Total Long Questions: 4 (Each of 5 Mark)

Paper boht easy and simple tha 🙂
30 Mcqs past papers me the and 10 new the but simple and easy the

subjective paper:

1 .What is pakcet switching? (2)
2 .What is PROM
3 .In DRAM, data stored in which form?
4 .What are the relationship b/w Platter ,Header  sectors  tof the hard disk?
5 .Differenece bw serial and parallel transfer?

6 .What is the Relations of Packet switching in Internet?
7 .What is cache management and it functions?
8 .Define Types of multiplixer channels?
9.  Daisy Chain periority inttrupts ?
10 . can DMA get diract access to memory? explain?
11. What is the working of DMA controller? 5
12 . piplineing

70% from past papers RTL  programs and mathematical examples etc  me se kuch b nhi  aya jis ko ma ne sab se zada rata lgya tha 😡

Over all paper boht boht easy simple  tha 🙂